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Opleiding verkeersregelaar

De Nederlandse verkeerstechniek
412,- Ex btw p.p.
  • Inclusief examenkosten €163,-
  • Individuele aanmelding mogelijk
  • Groepsaanmeldingen mogelijk
  • Geschikt voor zzp'ers
  • Lestijden van 08:30 tot 15.30 uur
  • Je krijgt 3 lesdagen van professionals

Do you want to become a traffic controller in the Netherlands?

Opleiding verkeersregelaar BRL 9101

Get ready to be amazed because Holland is leading the way in a groundbreaking initiative! In the year 2009, they introduced new rules that allowed civilians to be trained as traffic controllers. Yes, you heard it right – ordinary people like you and me can now take on the role of a traffic controller!

This innovative approach has opened up new opportunities for individuals who are passionate about ensuring smooth and safe traffic flow. Gone are the days when only professionals could take charge of directing vehicles on the roads. Now, anyone with the right training and dedication can step into this vital role.

Imagine being able to make a real difference in your community by helping drivers navigate through busy intersections or construction zones. With Holland paving the way, other countries may soon follow suit and embrace this progressive approach to traffic control.

So if you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a traffic controller, now is your chance! Take advantage of this unique opportunity and join Holland in shaping the future of road safety. Get ready to don that high-visibility vest and make a positive impact on your local streets. The world needs more dedicated individuals like you who are willing to step up and keep our roads running smoothly.

You have to learn the dutch language,

If you have a passion for controlling busy and fast traffic, then becoming a traffic controller in the Netherlands might be the perfect career choice for you! With its bustling cities and intricate road networks, the Netherlands is known for having some of the most aggressive traffic in the world. But fear not, as a traffic controller, you will play a crucial role in maintaining order and ensuring everyone’s safety on the roads.

In this dynamic role, you will be responsible for managing traffic flow, operating traffic lights, and strategically placing traffic shields to guide drivers safely through congested areas. Your keen eye for detail and quick decision-making skills will be put to use as you navigate through the fast-paced environment.

The demands of being a traffic controller in the Netherlands are unique. You will need to possess excellent communication skills to effectively coordinate with drivers and pedestrians alike. Additionally, staying calm under pressure is essential as you handle challenging situations that may arise on busy roadways.

No matter which country you come from, if you want to be admitted and thrive in the Netherlands, one thing is clear – you need to know the Dutch language! It’s not just a road user’s demand, but even the police requires traffic controllers to speak Dutch.

Speaking Dutch opens up a world of opportunities and ensures effective communication with locals. Whether you’re driving on Dutch roads or working as a traffic controller, having a good grasp of the language is essential for safety and efficiency.

So, if you’re planning on living or working in the Netherlands, embrace the challenge of learning Dutch. It will not only help you meet the requirements set by road users and authorities but also enable you to fully immerse yourself in this vibrant and welcoming country.

Without this communication, road users may not understand you and may react dangerously. Insurance companies in the Netherlands that insure you during your work as a traffic controller have set requirements for this. one of the requirements is that you have mastered the basic language Dutch.

In addition, the traffic controller lessons are also given in Dutch. The theory for the professional traffic controller is all-encompassing. Topics such as traffic psychology, driving tasks and abnormal traffic behavior are discussed in detail. The instructions given by the traffic controller are also very readable. The traffic controllers are given powers in traffic! All instructions from a traffic controller take precedence over all traffic rules and traffic lights. Drivers are obliged to follow these instructions stricly.